Term and Conditions

1.This website is for using to offer their accommodation services to you and which thereby enable you to verify whether their offerings and availabilities meet your preferences and your individual travel schedule.

Running this website, it acts as a service provider for the hotels. Due to it’s services, the hotels are able to offer to hotel customers the teleservice of making online reservations.

The service and responsibilities that we provide to hotel customers is limited to granting access to the hotels’ offerings. In this regard, our service ends where the customers proceed the reservation process by providing personal information, reservation-payment details and confirmation processes.

2. Agreement between you and Hotel

Having chosen the hotel that you want to book, you shall enter into a direct accommodation agreement with the Hotel by submitting your personal details and completing the Reservation Process.

The accommodation agreement between you and the Hotel shall be governed by the terms and conditions (including the cancellation policy) of the Hotel.

3. Cancellations and Changes

The modalities of canceling or changing your reservation at a we subject to the cancellation policy of the Hotel.

To guarantee your reservation you must make the payment, once you make your reservation, you proceed to make the payment of the same, if the payment is not made correctly, your reservation will be canceled.


To cancel your reservation after having been confirmed and once the payment for the entire stay has been made, you can do so no later than 7 days before your arrival at the hotel.

The amount of the first night of all reservations made will not be refunded

There are no Returns for early departures.

4. Price information on this website

Unless indicated otherwise, the accommodation prices that we indicate on this website are per room and per night prices.

5. Governing law

These Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of Turkey and Istanbul Courts and Enforcement Office shall be competent in case of any dispute.